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How To Sell a GPU in 2023 (The Complete Guide)

One question we often see online is “How do I sell my GPU?” Luckily, selling a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) isn’t a complicated process so long as you follow a few simple steps. These same steps apply whether or not you sell graphics cards online, or choose to sell a graphics card locally. 

Today we’ll outline those steps in order to sell graphics cards easily and efficiently. When you sell a GPU, there are many factors to consider such as condition, desired ease of sale, and risk of fraudulent transactions.

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1. Preparing a Graphics Card for Sale

The first step to selling any graphics card is to verify that it is in working order. Selling a GPU that ends up being non-functional is a surefire way to encounter major issues later down the road. 

First, ensure that your graphics card works under a typical workload, such as an intense gaming session or video render. 

Common GPU Benchmarking & Testing Software

The software outlined above can help you determine whether or not your GPU is working properly by running GPU-intense workloads. We recommend a simple and free option such as Heaven Benchmark, as it is user-friendly and well-known. 

For the person who has many cards to test, or for someone who wants a comprehensive testing suite, a paid alternative such as PassMark BurnInTest may suit your needs.

Once you’ve determined that your GPU functions properly, the next step is to make sure the card is free of any dust or debris. 

When it comes to cleaning a graphics card, isopropyl alcohol, q-tips, paper towels, and compressed air are your friend. Here at Dandyful, we commonly use 99.9% isopropyl alcohol and quality shop towels.

We recommend starting with compressed air to remove any large bits of debris that may be lodged in the heatsink. Make sure to hold the GPU fans down, as letting the fans spin while blowing air at them could lead to damage.

Next, a q-tip or paper towel soaked in isopropyl alcohol should be enough to remove dust from the rest of the card. Isopropyl alcohol is important because it is non-conductive and evaporates quickly.

If you find that the steps above are inadequate, you may need to disassemble your graphics card. Disassembly varies from card to card, and should be a last-resort measure due to the risks and unknowns associated with disassembly and reassembly.

Dandyful cleans all GPUs that are received, and our instant GPU selling quotes are still valid – even if your graphics card is a bit dusty!

2. Choosing the Right Platform

There are many places to sell graphics cards online or locally.

Sell GPU Online


  • PROS: The largest marketplace for used electronics, including graphics cards.
  • CONS: A non-insignificant risk of scams, return issues, and complications with payment. eBay heavily favors buyers over sellers during disputes.


  • PROS: A highly engaged community of buyers and sellers.
  • CONS: Not as prevalent or established of a marketplace as alternatives.

Reddit Hardwareswap

  • PROS: Very safe marketplace full of knowledgeable buyers and sellers.
  • CONS: A very small buying market, the potential for GPU buyers heavily depends on luck and when you make a post.

Sell GPU Locally

Facebook Marketplace

  • PROS: Largest local market of people who are looking for used or second-hand graphics cards.
  • CONS: Flaky buyers, extremely time-consuming, and may need to negotiate with several people before a deal is made. A set-in-stone buyer may also try to negotiate down when you meet. Zero fraud protection.

Friends and Family

  • PROS: Trusted source to sell to, and no need to spend time finding a buyer.
  • CONS: Possibility of no payment for your graphics card, and you may also end up as the family tech support!


  • PROS: A very active community of buyers who are willing to go a distance to meet up and do a trade.
  • CONS: Smaller buying pool, and most buyers looking for an extreme bargain.

At Dandyful we have removed any potential for scams, returns, or flaky buyers. Our GPU selling quotes are commitment free and instant – so you’ll know right away how much money will be going into your pocket.

3. Making a Compelling Listing

Should you choose to go the route of creating a for-sale listing online for your graphics card, there are a few guidelines to follow when making a listing that can help.

When taking photos of your graphics card, do so on a plain background in clear light that is evenly distributed across the graphics card. Dandyful recommends taking photos of the front, the back, the serial number, the I/O ports, and the PCIe connector’s gold pins. All of these photos should give potential buyers a good indication of your GPU’s condition.

Make sure to list the major features of your graphics card. Dandyful has found that most buyers first prioritize the brand (Example: EVGA, ASUS, Gigabyte, Sapphire, Acer) as well as the make (Example: RTX 3090, RX 580, Intel Arc A770). 

Additionally, it is important to mention the amount of VRAM your specific graphics card has. For example, the RTX 3080 10GB and RTX 3080 12GB are not the same graphics card, so it is important you mention this in order to increase your chances of a quick sale.

Finally, make sure to mention any small cosmetic imperfections that your graphics card may have, as well as additional accessories. If the GPU has a small scratch on its backplate, or if it has the original box and/or its contents, buyers will greatly appreciate knowing beforehand.

4. Connecting With Potential Buyers

When a potential buyer approaches you, it’s important to communicate quickly and effectively. Make sure to address any potential concerns your buyer may have. 

For example, buyers will often ask questions about prior history (“Has your graphics card been mined on?”, “Has this GPU been overclocked?”, “Does this graphics card have any cosmetic defects?”) effectively and honestly answering questions increases your chances of a successful and hassle-free transaction.

Some buyers may ask for a video of your graphics card functioning before completing the transaction. For this reason, we recommend taking a video of your graphics card during its testing phase to reassure potential GPU buyers.

While not strictly necessary, it’s always good to follow up with the buyer of your graphics card a few days later. We find that people greatly appreciate this courtesy, and it leads to a better experience overall.

5. The Easiest Way to Sell Your Graphics Card (GPU)

Selling a GPU is a very simple process if you follow the steps outlined above. Remember to effectively clean and prep your card prior to sale, reassure buyers with sufficient knowledge about your graphics card, and ensure your GPU has made it to its new home safely without issues.

If you want to know the absolute easiest way to sell your graphics card, check out our propriety, instant-quoting system. We will give you a commitment-free offer instantly, and we cover all shipping costs. We also pay out within a business day of receiving your graphics card!

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